Back in May, I taught a bass class at the Foothills Acoustic Music Institute's three day camp. At the start, let me say that this is a great camp for beginner and intermediate players. There are some very talented teachers and the environment FAMI has created at these camps provides a great experience.

I had a class of around 10 or so bassists and we worked on some basics, some technical aspects of playing, what makes for an interesting bass line. The conclusion of the camp is a concert where our ensemble/class (10 basses and only basses) performed a couple of songs. (The first year I taught at the camp, we played Reefer Man. Below is a video featuring Milt Hinton, my favorite slap player.)

Anyway, below is a package I prepared for the camp. It's a rough set of notes and tips on playing, some recommended listening, and some exercises, etc. The notes also include some notes written by Rob Kohler, a great bassist who I met at the Stanford Jazz Residency. At the time of the camp, I had told everyone that I would edit and revise the notes (largely meaning adding some exercises and fixing all my typos).

So, almost 6 months later, I still haven't revised it. That said, I thought I'd make it available. Feel free to give it a read. I have a larger document (a draft of a book focusing on playing slap upright bass and including etudes) that I'm working on. If you find this useful and would like to take a look at that document, let me know.