Performing a slight variation on the theme from last week or so, here are some clips for Rufus Reid with Mulgrew Miller and Lewis Nash from one of Rufus' instructional DVDs. I had the good fortune of studying with Rufus several years ago (I got my ass kicked). He's a real scholar of the double bass.

These are great videos and there is plenty to learn from Rufus' playing in these. I'll only mention a couple of things that think are particularly relevant for double bass pedagogy. First, in his bass lines he works a bit as an illusionist, suggesting the harmony and the forward momentum of the song with only a few choice notes. Secondly, notice his pizzicato technique. Similar to Ray Brown's masterclass video, he often uses only one finger, except when soloing where he adopts two finger technique. Moreover, his left hand keeps a great vibrato that gives him a fat tone and great sustain.

When I studied with Rufus, he mentioned that he had come back from having studied himself with Francois Rabbath. I think you see a bit of the Rabbath influence in his sure footed left hand technique, moving quickly and precisely from position to position.